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Contact Paul Shirley at (662) 380-3344 or send an email to [email protected] for any inquiries about available dates or questions you might have concerning booking your hunt.

The sooner you book the better chance you will have at the dates you want.

What's Included

Lodging – Nestled in the heart of Alberta’s Peace Valley, the Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre of Peace River offers beautiful modern guest rooms as well as eclectic dining and entertainment options. This hotel is also fully equipped for events of all kind with its ample function space. An on-site liquor store, fitness centre and business station just add further convenience to your stay.

Meals – We eat at various restaurants after your morning and evening hunts. Complimentary hot breakfast is also served before the morning hunt.

Ammo – We supply all of your ammo for each hunt.

License – Your hunting license and stamp and all applicable fees are ready for you when you arrive.

Bird Processing – We process every bird by breasting and leaving 1 wing on each bird. This is a legal way of transporting your birds. If you so choose, you may take your meat home or you may donate your meat and we will get it to the farmers or food banks in need. Some meat we also have processed ourselves for snack sticks, jerky, and sausage.

Airports and Travel Info

Fly into Grande Prairie, AB (CYQU) the day before the first hunt, and rent a car (we recommend an SUV or truck as you will be driving into fields and on dirt roads to get to your hunting destinations). You are now on the home stretch to your final destination. From there we are a 2 hour ride north to Peace River. Enjoy dinner the night before your first morning hunt. After your three days or 6 days of hunting, you will depart after your final morning hunt. Some guys leave early to catch a flight that afternoon and some decide to drive back to the airport and stay the night to catch a flight the next day. This is totally up to you and your flight plan preferences.

If you are flying private, Peace River, AB has a municipal airport (YPE) with a runway 5,000ft x 150 ft. It is located just west of town.

Rental Car phone numbers:

  • Avis (780) 539-4101

  • Budget (780) 538-3526

  • Enterprise (780) 830-1930

  • National (780) 539-0799

Weather and Attire

The temperature ranges from 68-38 degrees Fahrenheit in September and 57-24 degrees Fahrenheit in October on average. Occasionally it rains but on average there is very little averaging an inch to an inch and a half September and October. There is a better chance of snow in October than September but weather can be a bit unpredictable. So make sure to bring some warm wet weather gear because we hunt rain, snow, sleet, or shine! Bring warm socks and footwear.

We have found this is the number one reason hunters get uncomfortable: COLD FEET!!! Hand warmers or foot warmers are helpful. A baseball style hat and warm beanie is also a must. Hiding your face from wary birds and keeping your dome warm is essential as well. A blind bag or small bag will help keep any of your hand-warmers in place or other loose items you might need while hunting.

Hunting Details

Firearm Forms and Info

Bringing shotguns into Canada is a fairly easy process. Below is the form you will need to bring your personal shotgun on your hunt. If you choose to not bring your own shotgun, we have different shotguns available to rent.

Get Your Form Here

Harvested Meat

It is your option to either take your bird meat home with you or donate it. We donate meat to farmers and landowners as well as food banks. Some meat we will take to the butcher to have processed into jerky sticks and sausages. You may bring your own cooler or purchase one when you arrive to accompany your meat home. We do not ship meat home per Canadian Law.

Bag Limits

  • Ducks: daily limit is 8 only 4 of which may be pintails
  • Darks: daily limit is 8 only 5 of which may be specks
  • Whites: daily limit is 50 with no possession limit
  • Possession limits are limited to 3 times your daily bag limit.